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New Surgery Now Fully Operational

Many of you will be aware that we have been very busy behind the scenes making some big changes to the practice to keep us protected through the COVID-19 pandemic. We are now pleased to report that the new Surgery 4 is fully operational! Guidelines from the Faculty of General Dental Practice advise us to take various steps to ensure the safety of us and our patients as we return to providing more routine care. One such requirement is a "fallow time" of up to an hour following a procedure that lifts aerosols and droplets from a patient's mouth and throat. This is to allow airborne particles to settle before we thoroughly clean the surgery. We felt that the only way to keep everyone safe, whilst still being able to look after all of our patients in the same way, was to create more surgery space so we have somewhere to carry on working while the surgery is left fallow.... Introducing, Surgery 4! This room is a brand new and fully equipped with all the mod-cons you will find in the upstairs rooms. The surgery has mechanical air ventilation which pumps fresh air into the room at the head of the chair and draws air away from the foot of the chair giving extra protection from any virus particles being spread in the surgery. Just like the upstairs surgeries it also has electric-driven drills which do not require compressed air to run, further reducing the risk of COVID-19 transmission through aerosols. So next time we see you, it may be in Surgery 4 and you can rest assured that you are as protected as could be from any risk of virus transmission!

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